Outfit Your Kayak with an Anchor Trolley

anchor-trolleyI spent some time on the west side of Michigan recently where I took some time to kayak fish. I had a blast, but with the wind and current, I really could have used an anchor to keep me stationary and facing the direction I wanted to fish.

One of the first purchases any kayak angler makes after buying a ‘yak is an anchor trolley system, and with good reason. They’re easy to install and use, and make for a more efficient day on the water. 

Mounted directly to your kayak or canoe, an anchor trolley uses a nylon pulley system to allow you to select a desirable anchor position anywhere from bow to stern, letting you smoothly pass the pulley rope along the length of your craft. The mounted pulleys are raised off the boat to eliminate any unnecessary rubbing or scratching on your kayak or canoe. A solid system also offers a lash or cleat where you can lock the pulley rope once you have the anchor where you want it. 

Using an anchor system will keep you from being a victim of changing currents while fishing in the anchored position. Not only that, but the anchor allows you to position your boat in the optimal casting position for where you want to fish.

You can purchase the components to make your own anchor trolley from any hardware store, or you can purchase ready-made kits from a variety of companies. Yak Gear, Wilderness Systems, and Shoreline Marine all offer quality kits that come with the necessary pieces and directions to install an anchor trolley. Without a trolley, you’re limited to anchoring within arm’s reach, causing your boat to swing back and forth, or potentially flip if you’re not careful.

Photo courtesy Yak-gear.com

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