A canoe can be a great tool for anglers who want to reach remote locations. It is light, portable and quiet, but fishing from a canoe can be a headache, because it can be tough to maneuver while fishing, especially when fishing alone or in windy conditions. However, following a few important tips can make fishing from a canoe a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

One of the best tips for fishing from a canoe is to go with two people. Going solo in a canoe makes it very difficult to cast and land fish, while at the same time, steer the canoe. With two people in the canoe, both anglers can often be casting at the same time, but it makes it much easier for one person to take over steering or controlling the canoe, if the need arises. This is especially true when a fish is on. While a fish is being played, the other angler can stabilize or maneuver the canoe so his or her partner can land the fish. This dramatically reduces the number of lost fish, as well as, the chances of capsizing the canoe.

The experience of fishing from a canoe can be greatly improved by selecting the right size of canoe. A canoe that is too narrow can capsize more easily, while one that is too wide, may be too heavy to portage or fit into tight areas. An ideal canoe for fishing is about 12-15 feet in length and about 2 feet wide.

Using an anchor with a canoe can be difficult and even unsafe, and the added weight is a pain when portaging. A better and safer option is to bring a length of nylon rope.  One end of the rope can be tied to either end of the canoe. The other end of the rope should have a loop that can be flipped over a rock, tree stump or other sturdy object to keep the canoe in place.

Another valuable tool when fishing from a canoe is a rod holder. It is inevitable that at some point, you will need to set your rod aside in order to maneuver or steer the canoe – especially when fishing alone.  A rod holder provides a safe and stable place to place to put your rod. It also offers the added opportunity for trolling, while paddling, which is one of the best ways to fish when canoeing solo.

Water selection also plays an important role creating a fun and safe experience when canoe fishing.  Avoid trying to fish while paddling in fast currents. This can lead to disaster. A better option is to find quiet water away from the fast current and cast toward the faster water.

Finally, one of the best tips for fishing from a canoe is to downsize. Bring only what you know you are going to use. Carrying large tackle boxes and extra gear is unnecessary and impractical when fishing from a canoe. Less is more, and keeping it simple will make fishing from a canoe a much more enjoyable and manageable experience.

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