The Benefits of Late Summer Fishing

fishing girl

I can’t believe it’s September already! Summer flew by, but lucky anglers were hopefully able to take advantage of the slower, warmer months and hit the water often.

As the summer winds down, there are some who store their tackle and accept that their fishing season is over. There are several reasons for anglers to embrace the late summer fishing season, and it doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the action on the water.

No More Tourists

Tourists are great for local fishing communities, as they bring in a lot of money each summer. Even the most patient local angler will be eagerly counting the minutes until tourists in their neck of the woods quit splashing around the best fishing lakes, pack up their SUV’s, and hit the road.

Clearance Fishing Tackle

This time of year, tackle companies all have new products coming out, which means that the “old” tackle can be found on the clearance racks of your local fishing retailer. Often times, this is the best time to score deals on pricier items—$400 rods, for example—as you can get them with a warranty now for the same price they would have cost without the warranty earlier in the year.

Clearer Waters

If you prefer the rivers to the lakes, this is when the river levels are typically at their lowest and clearest; prime time for sight fishing for smallmouth. If there are still a few snowbirds tubing your lake, then it might pay to head up river and spend some time scanning the waters.

October Hatch Opportunities

In September and October, caddis—a popular prey item on the river—can be found skittering along the water’s surface. Trout will be so excited about this caddis buffet and eager to fatten up before the Winter, that you can drag across the water and capitalize on the feeding frenzy.

Bonus: This has absolutely nothing to do with fishing, but let’s not forget that it’s football season. How great is it to be able to come off the water and then relax while you watch a football game? Sounds like a near-perfect day to me.

Photo credit: Dreamstime