Get a Sneak Peak at Obama’s Bear Grylls Episode

For all those dying to know what crazy thing President Obama was asked to eat with Bear Grylls, the notorious wild man known for consuming some of the most disgusting pieces of rotting flesh you can imagine, we have the answer. 

In a preview for the episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls filmed with the president during his recent trip to Alaska, the answer is salmon. But not just any salmon. He wasn’t getting off that easy. In the sneak peak, Grylls pulls out a piece of half-eaten salmon that a bear has gnawed on… a real bear. 

“So a bear has chewed on this sucker,” Obama asks, surveying his next meal.

“I think the president looked a little surprised when I pulled out this half eaten carcass of salmon,” Grylls says later.

After cutting a section away, Grylls cooked the fish on a hot rock. Obama said he enjoyed the meal, and with his signature sense of humor didn’t miss an opportunity to take a shot at his host. 

“It would have been nice if we had a little cracker to go with it,” he said. “Bear’s a mediocre cook but the fact we ate something recognizable is encouraging.” 

Obama’s three-day trip to Alaska was meant as a way to highlight efforts to combat climate change. During the trip he also renamed Mount McKinley back to Denali, it’s original Athabaskan name.