West Virginia Angler Probably Let Go World Record Muskie


It was probably a world record. Yea, that’s what they all say. But in the case of Logan Martin of Ripley, at least his buddies were there to back him up.

Martin caught a whopper muskie in Jackson County, West Virginia’s Mill Creek with a fly rod from a kayak. The fish stretched 45 1/4 inches and had a 25-inch girth, according to a story in the West Virginia Metro News.

“Buddies of mine did some research and they can’t find a bigger muskie caught out of a kayak or caught on a fly rod,” Martin told the newspaper. 

The record could not be verified, however, because Logan let the fish go. Doh!

Martin and his friend were fishing for about three hours when they landed the giant muskie. It managed to pull the kayak around the river for quite some time before it finally tired out and they were able to get a net on it. 

The two took some quick photos and measured the fish, but it seemed stress so they let it go almost immediately.

“Unless it’s an accidental death, muskie fishermen generally release the fish,” Martin said. “In our mind we’ll let her grow and we’ll come back and catch her again.”