How to Train a Dog to Catch Lobster

Dogs have long been used to retrieve birds that hunters shoot from the sky, but now one Florida dog owner has trained his labrador retriever to catch lobster.

In the following video presented by the non-profit Devoted to the Ocean , Alex Schulze demonstrates with his black lab Lila how using common dog training techniques he can successfully get the dog to retrieve a delicious feast. 

Granted, for this to work you have to live in a place where the water is clear enough for the dog to see the lobster and shallow enough so it’s possible for the dog to reach it.   

By starting at the stairs to a backyard pool, Schulze gradually works Lila up to diving for a PVC pipe wrapped in black electrical tape. Progressively working to ever deeper depths, the dog is eventually able to retrieve it from the deep end with a point and snap of a finger by its master. 

When the pair take their new skill to the open water, Lila performs marvelously. 

Photo credit: Devoted to the Ocean