4 Free Fishing Apps You Need to Download

Smartphones have pretty much taken over every area of life these days and fishing is no exception. Not only do anglers use their phones to take pictures or videos of their catch, but smartphone fishing apps can help you catch more fish.

Here are four of the most popular fishing apps available that don’t cost anything to download.


Fishbrain (iOS, Android) is the world’s largest community-based fishing app. It’s so popular because it allows anglers to upload their catches, fishing reports and observations to be viewable to just themselves, their friends and family or the entire Fishbrain community. Anglers can also use Fishbrain to view reports and catches from other anglers in their area to figure out where the action is. Fishbrain also features a ton of information about baits and techniques, so it’s an excellent resource for anglers who want to know what the fish are doing in the neck of the woods, but also those who want to learn a bit.


Fishidy (iOS, Android) allows users to record catches and data about their trip, share them with friends and link them to the real-time locations on the interfaced Fishing Hot Spots® maps. The Fishidy app also features hundreds of pro-tips, as well as the option to upload pictures of your catch to the online “bragging board.” Furthermore, because Fishidy’s network is map-based, it enables anglers to easily discover patterns and trends from their results without keeping their own records. This means you can use Fishidy to recall your fishing success on a specific lake or where you caught your personal best bass a year ago.

Pro Angler

For saltwater anglers, Pro Angler (iOS, Android) is an app designed to be a one-stop shop for any data you may need. It offers detailed information on over 100 species of fish, pro-tips from guides in your area, weekly updates on what’s biting, a GPS-based boat guide to help you navigate to hot spots and reefs, real-time marine weather updates, locations of over 1,000 bait and tackle shops and even features recipes on how to cook your catch. Use Pro Angler to learn size limits, how to tie specific knots or even where to refuel based on your current location. Basically, if it has to do with saltwater angling, Pro Angler has it covered.

GoFree Hooked

The GoFree Hooked (iOS, Android) app allows anglers to record catches by GPS location and save fish photos, details and notes about each catch. Once saved, anglers can also share that information with friends, family and on social media. My favorite feature, though, is the ability to compete in “tournaments” with other users to see who the best angler is via the live leaderboard. By using GoFree to analyze the results of your past trips you can quickly break down patterns and predict future success on a given lake.

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