5 Things To Know About Fishing a Golf Course Pond

In the fishing community, there are secrets and trade skills that can only be discovered in certain ways. One such secret is fishing the lunker-laiden ponds found in golf courses throughout the country.

Skilled anglers know that fishing a golf course pond is some of the best fishing around, but gaining access to these hot spots can be tricky. Here are some tips to make sure you always have access to the wonderful world of golf course pond fishing without having to risk a trespassing fine.

Just Ask the Greenskeeper

Often times the best way to gain access to fishing a golf course pond is to simply ask the greenskeeper. Sometimes the course will offer ponds or river access that’s out of the way so you don’t interfere with golfers. If this is the case, the greenskeeper will let you know and also clue you in on what times you should fish and if it’s okay to bring a buddy along. I’ve taken the leap and asked the greenskeeper on several occasions; the worst they can say is “No,” right?

It’s All About Who You Know

We can all probably remember that kid from our neighborhood who thought he wasn’t very “cool,” but had a lot of friends because he had a pool. Sometimes getting to fish golf courses works the same way; become friends with someone who lives on one. Then you can sneak onto the course to fish the ponds, or even get in a round of golf.

Members Only

Some of the more high-brow country clubs allow their members to fish the hazards. I used to work at one that sat right alongside a river teeming with smallmouth. If you can get onto one of these courses, more often than not the staff will leave you alone and assume you’re just another member fishing the hazards. I remember thinking exactly the same thing when I worked at a course and saw someone fishing.

Employee Benefits

Some jobs offer dental and medical coverage, while others provide employees with sweet discounts on merchandise. One of the perks of working at a golf course is getting to fish the ponds whenever you want. Caddy part-time, work in the club house, even wash golf carts once a week — whatever it takes — and you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the perks of the job, including catching the bass swimming in those golf course ponds.

Wait Until Night

Perhaps the easiest way to fish a golf course pond is to wait until the sun goes down and the course closes for the night. By then, you won’t have to worry about being chased away by greenskeepers and you can take advantage of the excitement of night fishing.

Bonus Tip: Hop on Google Maps to get an aerial view of the course and the best ways to reach the ponds so you’re not navigating the entire course in the dark.

Photo credit: Flickr CC