4 Best Fishing Kayaks for Adventurous Anglers

For adventure seeking anglers, there is nothing better than a well-rigged fishing kayak. You can cut through the breakers and paddle into areas you wouldn’t otherwise be able to fish with a skiff. A fishing kayak is a great way to get some exercise, experience the outdoors and even catch some fish.

The fast growing segment of fishing kayaks was represented at this year’s Outdoor Retailer show with kayaks rigged to the hilt with gadgets and electronics, optional motor drives and even those that double as a stand-up board. Here are four of the best fishing kayaks we saw at the show:

Wilderness system radar 115

Wilderness systems - radar (800x533)

The suite of fishing kayaks by Wilderness Systems are some of the most prestine rigs on the market. Several different models offer varying body shapes for different styles and conditions, but one that especially caught our eye was the Radar 115.  With this unique rig you have the option of both sitting in a comfortable seat or standing up. Sometimes it’s important to get a to get a bird’s eye view, but also it’s nice to stretch your legs. The Radar also comes with an optional motor drive and an electronic fish finder. MSRP $1,350

Johnson outdoors Predator

Johnson outdoors (800x533)

For the more sporty angler, Johnson Outdoors offers a more aggressive ocean kayak with a fishing setup called the Prowler. It comes with everything you’ll need to catch fish, but also a sleek body design for a fast paddle. This fishing kayak compromises nothing when it comes to sportiness. The comfortable seat maintains a low center of gravity. It has a unique storage unit in the center and there’s an easy way to store your paddle when you fish and your poles when you paddle. MSRP $1,300

Pelican Strike Angler

Pelican (800x533)

For another fishing kayak that straddles the line between sportiness and functionality comes the Strike Angler from Pelican. With clean lines and a sleek desine, this fishing kayak will still give you the manueverability and stability you should expect on the water. With easy-to-use features, this is a great option for beginners. MSRP $650

11’ Cross Adventure by BIC Sports

11'Cross Adventure Ready (800x533)

Finally, here is a fishing Stand-up paddleboard by BIC Sports, which combines everything you love about paddleboarding with attachments and accessories that accomodate fishing. The 11′ Cross Adventure has lots of adaptors on the deck where you can mount any number of accessories for rod holders, coolers and even an electronic fish finder. MSRP $1,200