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Best Spring Fishing Lures for Bass

Photo: John Kuczala (Getty Images)

The springtime is here and it’s the perfect time to check your inventory to find out what fishing lures you have accumulated over the winter. A high-quality lure can make all the difference sometimes and improve your performance by a lot. You might need to restock before you head on to yet another fishing adventure and we’re going to help you out by telling you where your focus should be. This is our list of the best spring fishing lures you must have if you want to be a true fisherman. Take a look and tell us if you agree with our list.


Any experienced fisherman will, no doubt, tell you just how useful jigs can be in any type of weather. You can use them in deeper waters or shallow ponds, and they would still be great. We would recommend Nemesis Baits Upskirt because it’s simple, effective and has a great trailer keeper that will keep your trailer safely in place. These fishing lures come in all types and colors but it’s probably best that you try to match the color of the water. Jigs are great for imitating crayfish, the favorite item on the bass’ menu.


At the very start of the spring, bass is in its pre-spawn phase, which means it will travel to the shallows in search of food. For this type of fishing, your best bet are jerkbaits. Husky Jerk is a model we would recommend because it’s exceptional in the shallow water, anything less than 10 feet. Just let it rest on the water’s surface and wait for those reaction bites to come. Here’s a short video below on how to use Rapala’s Husky Jerk just in case you need it.


When it comes to spinnerbaits, don’t let the looks fool you. Despite their unorthodox appearance, these fishing lures are extremely powerful in the water. They use light and vibrations to attract the bass and are some of the most popular lures out there. You really don’t need to put in much effort, the spinnerbaits will do it for you. As for the model, we would recommend a Booyah Vibra Flex, simply because it’s sturdy, reliable, and offers all the vibration you need for a decent price.


When it comes to crankbaits, it’s hard to choose just one of these fishing lures because they vary in size, shape, and can be used in a number of different situation. What we would recommend, however, is a lure from the Bandit series. They are extremely popular and cheap and can cover a lot of water. These baits work best when confronted with aggressive fish, so use it when they are a bit more agitated and nervous because of the weather conditions.

That’s it for our pick of fishing lures. Any others you would add to the list?