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Fly Fishing Wish List

fly fishermanNot sure what the Fly fishing addict on your list is looking for? Fly fishing can involve some higher end equipment and clothing, which can make gift buying easy, at least in relation to picking out a present. Paying for it is another matter!

Gift List

Fly fishing is a sport that inspires perfectionism in many enthusiasts. The detailed flies and almost scientific equipment can cause some confusion as to what they need or want. We’ll sort out a few of the details here. Basic gear makes great gifts for beginners with an interest to learn. The more established the enthusiast is in their fishing habits, the more particular they are about their equipment.

Beginner Kits from St. Croix, Scientific Angler, or Cabelas make a great gift, advanced rod and real packages are also available. Beginner packages should be purchased in 4-6 line weight with 5 weight being a great starter. 8-9 foot rods are the standard, although a 7.5 foot rod would be great for kids. Fishermen looking to expand their gear likely have very specific wants for new equipment, so be sure to drop hints and get their ideas on paper.

Fishing waders are the next piece of equipment on the wish list. Breathable stocking foot waders are the standard. Frogg Togg, Cabelas and Simms make good waders. Neoprene waders are sometimes better for cold weather fishing. Fleece wader pants also make a great gift for under wader comfort.

Polarized sunglass are a necessity in fly fishing. They cut the glare on the top of the water and also protect your eyes from the suns glare, not to mention they are stylish and fun. Specialty fishing glasses are available as are polarized glasses from the standard manufactures such as Ray-Ban and Bolle.

Fishing flies run such a wide range of styles and specifics that a little narrowing down will be needed. The quickest way to narrow down to specific flies is to go to the local fly fishing specialty shop and ask. Local favorites by river, lake and species will be simple for knowledgeable staff. You can purchase an assortment and get a gift receipt so your special someone can exchange them if needed. A small metal or plastic fly box is a great way to wrap flies and adds to the thoughtfulness and usefulness of the gift.