Bass Fishing Wish List

The holidays are coming up and bass fishing isn’t on everyone’s mind. That makes it a great time to shop for holiday surprises! This article is for you if you are not quite sure what the fishing addict on your list is looking for.

Gift List

Bass fishing is a sport with many aspects. Enthusiasts are always trying innovative techniques and also have tried and true favorites. A little hint dropping and tackle box snooping should clue you in to the style of lures the fisherman favors. You can look through the tackle to see what needs replaced.

Fishing lures make a great Christmas gifts! Although they won’t likely be used for a couple of months in most parts of the country, the anticipation they will cause is worth twice the price. If you aren’t a regular on the lake, some of the most widely used lures include spinner baits, rubber worms and top water lures such as the Hula Popper and Jitterbug. If you aren’t sure what style lure is the favorite, try several as they are relatively inexpensive. The other trick is to go to the local tackle shop and ask the staff what lures work well at Lake so and so. They are sure to point out several.

Fishing rods and reels also make a big hit, mostly for younger fisher people. Fishing enthusiasts are likely to have definite ideas about which rod and reels are best for their style of fishing. Have them help buy for the kids or drop hints if you are trying to figure out what they need. You can always pick up a gift certificate if you aren’t sure or ask their fishing partner.

Boats are the big ticket item for fishermen. Of course not many will be buying boats for the holidays, but every boater has a wish list of upgrades from trolling motors to depth finders and everywhere in between. Do your bass fisher have a fish finder? A good net? Or maybe he or she needs a bigger tackle box, or even a smaller one that’s easy to carry when any hiking is involved. Spending time on the boat will usually give you an idea of what its owner is wanting.

Polarized sunglasses are something that not every fisherman thinks of, but they cut the glare on the water and in some fishing situations they help to spot fish and underwater structure. Plus they look cool and protect your eyes. Check out your favorite brand of eye wear. The optometrist’s office is a great place to buy Polarized Glasses.

Happy Holidays