Gifts for Your Fly Fisherman

If you thought bass anglers were picky about their tackle, then you obviously haven’t met any fly fishermen. Fly anglers are in a league of their own when it comes to specificity, regarding their tackle, and rightfully so. Each subtle difference in weight, balance, or color can have a big impact on the presentation of a fly. Compound that with the fact that trout are already so skittish and picky themselves, and it’s a wonder anyone would even consider fly fishing. This may have you panicking this holiday season when it comes to gift ideas for the fly angler in your family. Not to worry, however, as I’ve provided some tips on how to shop for this special breed this year.

If your angler is new to the sport, then a great gift idea might be to enlist the services of a seasoned guide in your area to take them out to the river for a day of knowledge and exciting action on the water.

Seasoned fly anglers will enjoy a weekend stay at an esteemed fly fishing lodge perhaps. Also, picking up the basic equipment needed for tying flies and pointing them towards a fly tying class is a great way to broaden their skills and introduce them to different facets of the sport. Some retailers even host weekly fly tying classes in their stores, where enthusiasts gather to craft amazing flies and share their knowledge on the craft.

Other great ideas for fly anglers include a float tubes that can get them out to areas where they previously couldn’t go, fishing vests from Simms, White River, or Orvis, and waders. Keep an eye and ear out for your angler’s equipment needs and make a note somewhere for when you head out to the store. Pick up exactly what he/she needs and watch the surprise and excitement on their face this holiday season!