Turkey DrawMy second setup on the ridge was initiated more by hope than anything else. Although there were two gobblers answering they were both distant and lost interest. After a while I lost interest too and began to move on up the ridge. My second destination taken gained enough elevation to put me well above “the draw,” and when I came to a clearing I could look it over. Sure enough, at the top end of the draw there was a gobbler strutting alone in the pasture. He was in the wide open, although it looked like there might be a way to get close if he would stay put.

Back down the hill I went and into the valley between the gobbler and the hill I had been on. There was a steep hill in the wide open pasture, and then after the hill rolled out into the flat stuff was the gobbler. As I came to the crest of the hill I went into stealth mode. Belly crawling far enough up to put the hen decoy in view, I stole a quick glance. The big turkey was about 300 yards off, however there were no major obstructions in the field. There was a chance. I settled in prone in the high grass and started in on the slate call. The big tom didn’t respond so I tried my mouth call. After a few clucks he went into strut and evidently saw the decoy. Now it’s on! Ten minutes of strutting and closing ground and the turkey was coming into range. I clicked the safety. At thirty yards, I bowled him over with the shot.

It took most of the day and more walking than usual. This time the draw paid off from a different angle and in the middle of the field no less. It’s the only time I have ever shot a Tom from the prone position as well, which I wouldn’t recommend in public hunting areas. Persistence pays off in the turkey woods (and in the draw) once again.

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