Antler Lamp

Antler Crafts for the Family

Antler LampHunting for shed antlers is an activity that the whole family can enjoy.  Not only is shed hunting a way to take the family out to enjoy the outdoors, but it can be a way to enjoy hours with the family while making crafts at home. Once you have found and collected your sheds, it isn’t always clear what to do with them.  Do you throw them in the corner of the yard for the elements and critters to slowly dispose of, or do you find a use for these unique and majestic items? Here are a few new ways to display your naturally dropped trophies and enjoy your family.

More than likely, you have seen an antler chandelier, either at the local feeding trough, or on your favorite hunting show.  This is a fun way to display your sheds if you have the room for a chandelier!  A nice alternative to have the outdoor look without the space is to use your sheds for a smaller lighting fixture such as a lamp, a candleholder, or a sconce.  You can create a new lamp using a kit and your imagination to arrange your sheds to your taste, or cover an older lamp with your sheds to spruce it up. Everyone in the family can be involved from the choosing of the design to choosing the antlers to be used.

If you enjoy festive or seasonal decorating, the antler wreath is unique and can be displayed plain, or paired with your favorite seasonal garland, ribbon, lights or branches to decorate your door or wall. This is also an activity that members of a family can contribute to and work on together. Another easy and attractive idea is to use the sheds to decorate picture frames.  A nice hunting photo paired with the antlers of your first deer is a nice, inexpensive trophy. Of course, you don’t have to use sheds just on your hunting photos. Family members can choose their favorite photos and base frames to attach their favorite sheds too. Shed antlers can also make nice stands to display other favorite items.  You can use them to hang your guns above the fireplace, hold up your coats, and more!

Finally, antler sheds can be used to make a multitude of useful and decorative items, while being a creative, low cost hobby for everyone.  Antlers can be used to make antler buttons, carvings, buckles, bolo ties, candle holders, lamps, cribbage boards, tooth pick holders and salt and pepper shakers among others.  Only your imagination is the limit of what you can do with your raw materials!