Spending time in tree stands while bow hunting for deer is a labor of love. We all love to enjoy nature and we all love to observe deer in their natural environment, but it is definitely a labor to stay seated all day long on a tiny, uncomfortable platform. There have been many articles written on how beneficial it is to stay in the woods all day while hunting, and everyone knows the longer you are out there the more opportunities you will have at killing something.

In my thirty years of hunting, I have spent hundreds of days in a treestand. I only sit all day during the rut, but it is a psychological challenge to do so. Here are some tips on what I do to battle boredom and fatigue on the stand.

Pee Bottle. This should be self-explanatory.  Having a plastic bottle for urination not only saves you from having to get down and leave the stand, but it makes it harder for you to find an excuse to leave the stand and head for the barn. I consider this essential gear. If you are a woman, Cabela’s sells attachments that are female user-friendly.

Medicine.You never know what your body will feel at any given time, so be prepared. I always carry a small pill bottle with headache medicine in it and I also carry anti-diarrheal pills. These pills are not only handy if you have diarrhea, but they will also help you get over the urge to visit the bathroom if you feel the need.  I also carry Advil for any aches or pains I might experience. 

Snacks. Everyone knows to take snacks so that you don’t get hungry, but taking the right snacks is important. I enjoy junk food, so I am not a huge proponent of eating healthy when you are struggling to stay in a tree all day. Have a little fun with your food. I always avoid anything with noisy wrappers, for obvious reasons. If you want to eat something that has a noisy covering, then remove it and place it in a sandwich bag. I also take foods that take time to eat. Each moment you can entertain yourself helps, so I take gummy bears, gum and jawbreakers to help me pass the time.

Phone. Today, having a smart phone can entertain you all day. You can text and read books and even surf the internet, but don’t forget to keep it muted.  I sometimes feel guilty playing with my phone while hunting, but it is a good safety item to have in case the unthinkable happens. Just don’t forget to look up once in a while!