Hunting Pronghorns Safely

Hunting Pronghorns on your own can be very rewarding. The availability of public hunting land in states like Wyoming make planning a hunt easy, and the normally high success rates for antelope hunters creates a perfect scenario for do-it-yourselfers. However, antelope seasons often take place during the hottest time of the year and you will need to prepare yourself and plan accordingly to achieve a safe and effective hunt.

Planning is everything.  Use your scouting and information gathering to anticipate possible problems and hazards for your hunt. For example, parts of Wyoming are very rocky and hunters should always plan on at least one flat tire during any hunt which requires travel to different hunting areas. Buy a spare tire and wheel so that you are not forced to rely on the usual single spare that most vehicles carry. If a regular vehicle requires a spare tire and wheel, then an off-road vehicle deserves at least two extra spares.

Think of worst case scenarios and plan for them as well. Getting stuck might not seem like something to worry about, but you should always carry a shovel and a pair of work gloves to save your hands if intense physical labor is required to get you out of a jam. Flashlights, extra water, and fire starting materials should be on your list too. However, build a fire at your own caution and be aware that your surroundings could be very flammable. You should also allow at least one gallon of water per person per day.

The easiest and most effective task is to simply let someone know exactly where you will be.  We have all read or heard about incidents where people died because nobody knew where they were located. There is no excuse not to let someone know your whereabouts.

Another issue to keep in mind is that antelope are located in wide open country and they can be spotted miles away. It is very easy to walk great distances without realizing it and you need to maintain good situational awareness so you don’t get lost. A small backpack with water and a GPS should be standard. I also carry a headlamp in case I need my hands to perform an important task.

You owe it to yourself to stay safe, so plan accordingly when hunting the wide open haunts of antelope during the heat of the season.