Leupold CDS Ballistic Dial System Product Review

I am a caveman when it comes to new gadgets and changing my ways; however, I decided that I was not happy with the limited 300 yard range of my favorite rifle. I needed a change, but I was terrified of all the new long-range scopes that seemed too fancy for my taste. I have to report, I am terrified no more! I tried and tested the Leupold Custom Dial System (CDS), and here is what I learned.

After researching easy-to-use dial systems, the brand Leupold kept hitting my radar screen, so I read as many online ratings as possible and decided to purchase one. I bought the least expensive model of scope that featured the CDS, the Leupold VX2 4-12×40. For around $500.00, you get a great scope with adjustable parallax and objective focus rings. Leupold also offers a free custom dial, matching your ballistics, with the purchase of every CDS system. 

If you are like almost every other hunter, you are used to using a fixed or variable rifle scope. For years, you have sighted your rifle in a little high at 100 yards, and then adjusted your crosshairs accordingly in regards to the shot. This set-up was supposed to end that old practice and I was eager to give it a try. I received my custom dial in the mail and headed to the range.

The whole transition from old-school to new-school was painless and the process was simple. Leupold requires that you sight in dead-on at either 100 or 200 yards with the standard adjustment dial that comes with the new scope. I zeroed in at 100 yards and hoped for the best.

The next step was to simply replace your factory dial with the new custom dial. It takes all of two minutes and after that, I was finished. My transition was over. All I had to do was turn my new dial to the distance I was shooting and pull the trigger. I tried it out at 300 yards right away and managed to shoot a 1.5” group of three shots. I was sold, and now I am a huge CDS fan.

My specific dial is good out to over 600 yards, but I think I had better practice some more before taking a poke that far. Right now, I am totally comfortable shooting out to 450 yards. I have never felt perfectly confident at that distance before now. If you give the Leupold CDS system a try, you may also find a new comfort zone that could enhance your hunting career.