Ground Blind

3 Reasons to Use a Ground Blind This Deer Season


Regardless of where you are from, there is one method that will work just about anywhere and that’s the ground blind. Whether you have traditionally declined the use of ground blinds due to their cumbersome appearance, or you have simply written them off as not being practical, here are three reasons that might convince you to reconsider this bona-fide tool of freezer-filling success.

Proven Performance

If you watch any informational deer hunting video production, you will see portable ground blinds being consistently utilized.  Ground blinds are utilized by professional hunters, because they work. These hunters and video-makers need animal kills to educate, test equipment, promote the industry, and market their causes. Simply put; they use proven methods to get these kills. Ground blinds are an integral part of that mission.  


Deer can be found in every region of the United States and in a mix of rugged hunting environments. Since a good ground blind weighs less than 20 pounds and can fold up into a small package, it makes carrying them afield extremely feasible, and a convenient option for some mountain hunting situations.

Their mobility is also appreciated if deer are suddenly popping out to feed in a new pasture or a crop field. It pays to set up a blind on the perimeter and hope for an ambush hunt. Blinds can be moved quickly and quietly.  They allow you the freedom to move around without the commitment of hanging a tree stand, or trimming shooting lanes. They also allow an area to cool off for a while.


A ground blind will not only protect you from the elements and unfavorable wind conditions, but it will also protect you from yourself. Most hunters cannot sit still and concentrate for hours at a time. A blind will let you get away with a lot of movement.  If used correctly it will also help with scent control.

At the most, ground blinds will help you find more hunting success; at the worst, they will offer you some conveniences and comforts that are easy to get used to.  If you want to expand your tactics and get closer to reaching your potential as a hunter, add a ground blind to your hunting routine.