Agloves for Hunting and Texting

In my years of hunting, I’ve owned hundreds of camouflage gloves. I like lightweight gloves so I can feel the trigger of my gun or bow release. I also like to feel the focus dial on my binoculars. I’ve discovered over time, that a good snug glove with some type of grip is the best glove to have. Needless to say, I’m more than a little picky when it comes to purchasing gloves.  

I recently acquired two pairs of unisex gloves from Agloves®. I left one with my wife and took the other with me on a Whitetail bow hunt in the Midwest. The unisex gloves are a dark color somewhere between black and dark brown, so I wasn’t worried about wearing them in the field. 

As I’ve discussed in past articles, this last Kansas deer season was a warm one. So to add to the gloves description, they were plenty warm for what I was doing. On the flip side, my wife was wearing hers in negative degree weather back in Anchorage. Like me, my wife likes a fitted, lightweight glove, so she insisted on wearing them even when it was down to -20 below. 

The Agloves® are lightweight stretch glove with grips. They are warm enough for inactivity in mild winter weather, and seem to be fine if the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, however, their best feature is a technological luxury that any smart phone user will surely enjoy.   

The Agloves®  product works with any touchscreen and are great for your smartphone when you are sitting in the field and don’t want to remove your gloves. If the temperature is much colder, you will get cold, but for active use when you need to feel with your fingers and operate your equipment, the Agloves® is a great performer.

Both my wife and I found that the Agloves® were a fantastic glove for our separate activities. She likes them for driving and operating her smartphone. Most touchscreen gloves are only active at the tips or only for one finger. The Agloves® are active over the entire glove which is a plus when using your smartphone on the fly.  I found them warm and easy to operate my hunting equipment. Plus they are a nice barrier between my fingers and a cold tree stand stick ladder. They are fantastic for physical activity in colder weather as well, and as long as I didn’t catch them in barbed wire, they were great for lifting cold fence wire and long walks in the dark to the tree stand. 

To learn more about Agloves®, including further information on the technology that goes into their creation and how to order, feel free to visit the company’s website at