If you don’t hunt coyotes, you should. Not only are coyotes available in all the lower 48 states, but they are actually worth something during the cold of winter. Coyote skins can be used for tons of crafts or simply sold as fur to help offset the costs of fuel and other hunting expenses. Most importantly, hunting coyotes is fun. Here are some tried and true tips to make you deadly.

Buy an electronic caller. Yes you can hunt and call coyotes with mouth blown calls, but for variety and trickery, you will need to have an electronic call so that you can control the direction, volume and repetition. Electronic callers vary in price, but get the best one you can afford that offers a variety of distress calls from multiple small animal species.

Being camouflaged is a given, so try to get what you can afford that will best match the area you plan on hunting. Hunting in the snow, sage brush or open prairie can require different blend of concealment, so be savvy and choose accordingly.

Staying on stand long enough to maximize your chances is a must. However, many factors must determine how long you choose to stay in one place. Wind direction, availability of animals, and terrain should all be considered, but when it seems slow, I usually give a stand location 30-40 minutes and then move on.

One of the most important aspects that determine success is to pick the right aiming spot on a coyote and to follow through with the shot. I like to use .223 hollow points and I always aim for a high shoulder shot which drops them instantly. Obviously a hunter wants to make sure they come to a stop if possible, but picking your shot and following through is the hardest/easiest thing to do. Some guys use shotguns for heavily brushed terrain, but I only use a rifle because I mostly like hunting open land and I am stubborn that way.

Try to get comfortable on your stand. I like to carry a padded seat that I use for turkey hunting. I am in my mid-forties and I feel old sometimes so a little padding helps me endure extra minutes when I would normally have a sore behind. Also, if you can find a back rest you will be even more ahead of the game.

Lastly, carry back-up batteries and a mouth call just in case the electronics don’t work. Nothing is worse than being in the field and not being able to hunt.