Go Hog Wild!

Known as the shortest month of the year, sometimes February can seem like the longest. Caught between the last of the large game clean up hunts and early spring bear and turkey, February is generally the ‘get through it’ month until the die-hard hunter can start revving up for a grand spring. One way to beat the doldrums is to plan an exciting hog hunt. Hogs are available to hunt in thirty states and most of that with few restrictions.

Here’s a quick look at which states have the friendliest hog hunting rules. First up is the second biggest state, Texas. Texas is in an all-out war with the feral pig and has a lot of fun options to help them eliminate the scourge. One of the coolest options for hunting is a helicopter hunt. If you can afford it, I can’t imagine a more exciting hunt. As of September 1, 2011, Texas now allows hog hunting from helicopters for paying hunters that are hunting on private land. 

Not only does helicopter hog hunting look like fun, but a helicopter hunt will only set you back about $5500 and that’s not per person but per load. So up to four hunters could share that amount and have a once in a lifetime hunt. See Texasvarminthunting.com.

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada and Texas allow night hunting for pigs. Some of these states do have restrictions about public and private lands so make sure to check out the state regulations before booking your night hunt

Some other facts about hog hunting, only three states have set bag limits on hogs; Hawaii, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Only seven states have set seasons on hog hunting; Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. This means that most states have wide open times and wide open bag limits if you want to book a long hunt to bring home the bacon.

The location options for pig hunting are as numerous as they are diverse, and include the humid swamps of the Southeast, the dry, arid brush lands of the Southwest and the lush rolling hills of California, Hawaii and other similar states. Unfortunately, wild pigs are invading new territories each year, but the upside is that hunters will always have an affordable quarry for decades to come.   

For a quick look at specific state laws go to: www.wildhoghunters.com