Product Review: “Lace ‘Em Up” Sheep Hunting DVD’s

Lace ‘Em Up is the first ever do-it-yourself sheep hunting instructional video,” says Steve Bethune and Scott Luber, of Proving Trail Adventures, the producers and talent behind a recently released how-to Dall sheep hunting DVDs. Lace ‘Em Up is a two-disc DVD set that can be purchased at, and it has generated a lot of buzz from Alaskan hunters since its release just weeks ago. 

Bethune and Luber are the first ever sheep hunting experts that were actually willing to share their planning and preparation tactics; their actual gear and food recommendations; their physical fitness regimen and their selfless encouragement to other would-be sheep hunters. This is a great video production produced by some outstanding individuals who are humble enough to not consider themselves ‘experts.’

If you have ever wondered what proven equipment successful sheep hunters actually use on their mountain hunts, Lace ‘Em Up has you covered. Proving Trail Adventures gives you immediate access to information that took well over a decade to learn by trial and error. There is nothing more valuable than learning from other people’s success, but Bethune and Luber also allow us to get a peek at what they learned from their past mistakes.

The DVDs are packed with tons of helpful hunting tips, and the guys also showcase the specific gear that they use. Whether you are curious about what tent shelter you should buy or tips on what water purifying methods work well, Bethune and Luber will answer all your questions in these DVDs.  

As a special bonus, Lace ‘Em Up also includes a segment that will show you how to field judge the trophy quality of sheep horns, as well as a tutorial on how to skin and cape your trophy sheep. Most hunters do not know how to properly remove the skin off the head of their animals. Bethune and Luber will show you how to look like a pro and impress your taxidermist with precise and easy-to-follow instructions on this very important task.

The bottom line is this two DVD set from Proving Trail Adventures is a fantastic bargain and it should be on the shelf of every hunter’s reference library. These two guys have sheep hunting in Alaska dialed in and they have produced a quality resource that should play a major role in the lives of current and future Dall sheep hunters.