Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A

The New Vanguard Optics Endeavor HD Spotting Scopes

Vanguard Endeavor HD 82AVanguard USA has just introduced a new line of mid-level, high definition spotting scopes. What is unique about the new Vanguard spotting scopes is that you are getting a piece of both worlds.  You get the lower price of a mid-range spotter, but also a high quality that is not far removed from the high end big name optics. Available in 65mm angled, 65mm straight, and 82mm angled, the three models of Endeavor HDs can be purchased between $589.99 -$689.99.

The Vanguard Endeavor press release states: “All models feature a rubber armored magnesium body, are waterproof submersible, nitrogen filled and fog proof. The optical system employs Extra-low Dispersion glass to ensure accurate color rendition and virtually eliminate color fringing. The lenses are all fully multi-coated to ensure optimum light transmission and feature BAK4 prisms. The eyepiece zooms from 15-45x on the 65mm models and 20-60x on the82mm. It features an extendable rubber covered eyecups and boasts impressive eye relief even at the highest zoom settings. It also provides a very impressive field of view.”

The spotting scopes also include “a built in sunshield to eliminate glare in bright sunlight and it includes a padded raincoat with sling for carry and protection. All models are equipped with fine and coarse focusing wheels for quick focus and precision fine tuning adjustments.”

One thing that sets the 82mm scope apart from competitors is that lets in an amazing amount of light.  The clear and bright view really distinguishes itself from other spotting scopes at a similar price range and it really is competitive with some of those in the higher price range. This was immediately evident the first time I looked through the scope.

I set it up for a quick look in my backyard.  It was dusk and cloudy (a common situation in Anchorage during the winter) so the ambient light was low. I put it on my lightweight camera tripod since I wasn’t doing anything strenuous and I wanted a “quick” look.

 I had no expectations since I had no previous experience with the company and expected a typical mid-range scope.  To my surprise, the scope picked up the light and gave a crisp clear picture of a couple of ravens on a downtown building easily 800 yards away.  After this quick experiment, I knew the spotter could easily pick up sheep at a mile away and I plan on doing that at the end of this writing.

For more information, see the Vanguard company website at

**The Endeavor HD 82A used for this article provided by Vanguard.