OI am discussing several angles of what it takes to go on a sheep hunt in Alaska via several articles with different flavors of preparation. In the previous article, I covered what the actual costs were just to have what is needed to go on a sheep hunt. What I also found out while prepping for my upcoming hunt is that the amount of time involved doing my homework is also expensive.

I never imagined how much actual effort went into a hunt until I found myself with two jobs and not being able to afford much time for hunting prep. I did find a solution though and that is to never go to bed before midnight. At this time in Alaska, it is daylight out most of the time anyway so it is easy to stay up every night even though mornings become a real drag.

First off, after drawing my tag, I spent a couple hours on the internet finding out who drew this tag the previous year and I writing to a couple of those prior tag holders. Then I studied my area on a map which took an hour or two. Little did I know that I was just getting started on my hunt prep that would eventually turn into another part time job.

Next, I had to start planning on what specific gear I needed and making a financial plan to obtain it all. I also had to chew the fat with my friends about their sheep hunting experiences and ask them for guidance and help in my gear selection. I had to go to the range and make sure my rifle was dialed in, and I had to get a few hunting items patched or repaired. I had to go buy actual maps and waterproof them. That took time and money.

I have also spent countless hours watching sheep hunting videos and reading hunting books and magazine articles. I realized that all the information I ever needed for sheep hunting is out there somewhere and all I had to do was find it.

Then there is the online shopping that requires studying every customer review and field test report. And finally, the dreaded phone calls to pilots, other hunters, and friends. I don’t like speaking on the phone, but I do it when I have to. I also spent time working out and dieting.

I am spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours just for a chance to go shoot a white sheep. Why do I do all of this? Because it’s either fun, or I’m crazy, you decide.