5 Coolest Hunting Products in 2013

GPSJudging hunting products requires attention to detail when it comes to considering quality, price and ease-of-use; however, some products are just so cool that they need their own category and consideration, so this is the LiveOutdoors.com five coolest hunting products for 2013.

5 – Knight & Hale Da' Bone Grunt Call

It looks like an antler and sounds like a buck. That’s the way they describe it anyway, and it actually is a realistic replica of a piece of deer antler.  It is made from a soft material so it will not make a noise when it clinks or rattles against hard objects. It features the ability to make various buck grunts and other vocalizations such as snort wheezes (www.knightandhale.com)

4 – Irish Setter Rutmaster Rubber Boots with ExoFlex

How much technology can be weaved into a rubber boot? A whole lot when it comes to the Rutmaster boots. Not only are they covered in top-of-the line camouflage, but their soles are made of Thermal Boost which is not a gimmick, but rather, a NASA designed product that is the lightest and most insulating solid substance known to man. If that doesn’t get you excited, the ExoFlex fit system makes putting on and taking off the boot so easy, it seems like an afterthought. The list goes on, so check them out at www.hunt.irishsetterboots.com.

3 – Hornady American Whitetail Ammunition

Hornady is offering their InterLock bullets in good ole American deer hunting loads that are custom designed for Whitetail hunting.  Offered in all the favorite and timeless deer hunting calibers, the American Whitetail ammunition is offered in an awesome Red, White and Blue box.  American made for an American favorite, the Whitetail deer (www.hornady.com).

2 – Leverage 5100 Lightweight Hang-On Treestand

While the hunting industry is clogged with competition, it takes a truly unique product to stand out, and the 5100 by Leverage Treestand is one of those unique products. The 5100 hang-on uses a Dual Post design as the stand’s sturdy chassis that supports a butt-friendly seat and a state-of-the art platform that incorporates one of nature’s strongest design shapes, the honeycomb, for its platform. The stands are stable, roomy and offer a lightweight design that does not compromise stability. Very cool and very unique (www.leveragetreestands.com).

1 – Magellan eXplorist 350H GPS

The bold new GPS offering from Magellan clearly states, “GPS Designed for the Hunter.”  That should be enough to make this the coolest hunting product of 2013, but there’s more. It is truly rugged and waterproof. It is set up for hunters and has hunting-specific waypoint options that allow you to mark such things as buck scrapes and scat piles. To top it off, it is camouflaged with easy to use buttons in hunter’s orange. There is no contest, the Magellan eXplorist 350H is one cool product (www.magellangps.com).