Five Best Tasting Game Animals

sheep Some will agree, some will disagree and unfortunately some will never get to try all of the selections that made our list of the five best tasting big game meats.

5) I will never understand how a Mule deer can convert sage brush and grasses into succulent back straps of high-quality marbled meat, but they do and that fact alone forces us to include Muleys on our list.  Located all over the west and western mid-west, Mule deer are relatively easy to hunt and they are larger than their cousins the blacktail and the average whitetail.  

4) Moose meat is a secret weapon used by hunters to trick non-hunters into liking game meat.  They don’t suspect they are eating wild game until you tell them they are not eating beef, so this makes the moose a sure thing on our list of delectable protein delivery systems.  Also, moose are huge and they have a lot of meat hanging on their bones and they will feed a family for a year if used properly.

3) Bison have to make the list, since their meat can also be mistaken for beef. They are a qualified candidate if they are handled properly in both the field and the processing.  They are located in the wild and on large ranches in the Midwest and the West, so availability is not a problem. However, older bison are not that edible so shooting younger animals is one way to guarantee awesome table fare.

2) The Whitetail deer is the most abundant and most eaten deer of them all, so any game meat list demands that Whitetails are on it. From back straps, roasts, rump steaks and ground meat, the Whitetail has it all and it is all good. Even old bucks can taste great and their expansive habitat make them a dependable food source.  The Whitetail should be at the top of the list if not for the unbelievable uniqueness of our animal that is our number one.

1) Without a doubt, the mountain sheep (Dall, Bighorn, Desert Bighorn and Stone sheep) offer the finest tasting meat ever to be consumed by mankind. The meat of the mountain sheep is so unique that when it is cooked directly over a fire, it tastes like it is pre-seasoned, which it is (by nature.) Anyone who has ever eaten a mountain sheep of North America will concur that these horned animals offer up the finest tasting mountain meat in the world.