Textbook Turkey Hunt: 3 Strutting Gobblers

Here’s a video that will have you amped for your next turkey hunt. Three hunters demonstrate some textbook maneuvers and take three hefty gobblers home for supper.

From Realtree Outdoors, Cally Morris joins Nick Mundt and outdoor writer Bryce Townsley on a turkey shoot on Vermejo Park Ranch in northern New Mexico. 

The trio showcases some aggressive calling patterns that worked wonders drawing these strutting white-backed turkeys into a clearing. Cally points out three important tips:

1. Don’t be afraid to change elevation

The group called for over an hour at the first bird and it would just not leave it’s location. Once they finally decided to relocate to higher ground, they brought that turkey out within 15 minutes. And when it laid eyes on that decoy, this strutting male had just one thing on its mind no matter whether it was fake or not.

2. Choose who shoots first

When hunting with multiple shooters it’s important to decide who takes the first shot to avoid confusion and possible safety issues. Some pairs prefer to shoot at the same time, but this could result in both firing at the same bird or general confusion. A lot of times these birds are so hyper-focused sexually that a shotgun blast to the head of their wing-man over there doesn’t even faze them.

3. Don’t be afraid to use every call in your vest

On the second hunt, the group used a crow call to locate two tom turkeys in the brush. Once they staked out ground near a clearing, they alternated between box calls, mouth calls, crow calls and slate calls, running up to five different calls at one time back and forth. This drew both turkeys into the meadow for a clean shot.

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Featured photo from Youtube screenshot.