5 Top Shotguns for Turkey Hunting


Having the right gun for your next hunting trip is important. When you want to take turkey, it’s imperative to have the proper setup for your best chance at success. Here are the five top shotguns for turkey hunting in ascending price order.  

Stoeger P-350

The Stoeger P-350 is an excellent entry level pump action shotgun that is available for under $500 – making it the most affordable option to put some gobbler on the dinner table. This turkey gun comes with a pistol grip and a 24 inch barrel with camouflage in the Real Tree APG Pattern. This gun shoots shot shells up to 3.5 inches long, for those extra stubborn toms who just won’t follow your call.

Remington 870 SPS Shurshot

The Remington 870 SPS Shurshot is another pump action turkey gun in the affordable price range at $535 MSRP. The 870 is built upon many years of reliability from a well trusted company. This 12 Gauge comes with a 21 inch barrel, a turkey extra full choke and a synthetic thumb through pistol grip stock, for added stability/turkey calling. The stock and slide are covered in Mossy Oak Obsession to help you stay hidden.

Mossberg Tactical Turkey Thug

The Mossberg Tactical Turkey Thug is available with a lot of options which include being chambered in 12, 20 and .410 gauge. You can also choose different barrel lengths and differing lengths of pull. The gun is finished in Mossy Oak Obsession to help keep you hidden while the barrel can also be dipped in cammo, or blued depending on your preferences.  Mossberg lists the MSRP on this gun at $720.

Weatherby SA 459 Turkey

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a couple auto-loaders. The Weatherby SA 459 Turkey semi-automatic Weatherby shotgun is covered in Realtree Xtra Green Camouflage to help you hide from those curious gobblers. This shotgun has a 22 inch barrel, fiber optic sights and a removable Picatinny receiver mount. And, the fact that it’s semi automatic means your dinner is that much more likely to be coming home with you. The MSRP on this is shotgun $799.

Winchester SX3 Longbeard

Closing out this list is the gas-operated auto-loading Winchester SX3 Longbeard that sells for $1269. This 12 gauge turkey taker holds shot shells up to 3.5 inches and has a 24 inch barrel. The entire gun is finished in Realtree Xtra Green camouflage for optimal concealment in turkey infested woods. This shotgun is well known as one of the most reliable and comfortable to shoot guns on the market.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons