How to Make a Combo Airsoft Rifle Shotgun


If you like to tinker you’re going to love this. From Youtube creator NightHawkInLight comes this incredibly cool rifle combination shotgun that shoots airsoft pellets, which you can make yourself.

Previously Ben has shown viewers how he created an airsoft automatic rifle with a soda bottle and an air compressor. He made a mini combustion cannon out of a fireplace lighter that fires single airsoft rounds for a toy around the house. And he offers a whole range of DIY gadgets that you just have to check out on his Youtube channel to believe.

While most are fun toys, the airsoft rifle combo featured below can actually be used by hunters to take small game. The creator even shows in the video how the rifle is accurate at long range with a mounted hologram sight. It can also shoot bursts of pellets like a shotgun if you load more than one. The whole thing comes together using PVC pipe, a brake line and a mini bike pump.

For another great DIY project for hunters, Ben shows viewers how to create a homemade dart gun.