Top 4 Dream Hunting Trips in North America

As a hunter, I like to day dream about amazing places where I would absolutely love to hunt. These are places I’ve heard people talk about, the ones just a little bit too far out of reach for now, but the ones I know I’ll get to someday. Some call it a bucket list. No matter how you slice it, you can find your dream hunt in America. Here are my top four big game hunting destinations.

Grizzlies on Kodiak Island

grizzly on hill

The two things that get my adrenaline pumping more than anything are bowhunting and grizzlies. Put the two together and it’s about as thrilling as jumping out of an airplane. One of the best places on earth to come face to face with the giants is on Alaska’s Kodiak Island. Just as soon as I get the $21,000 together for the cost of the trip, I’m heading there for an ultimate adrenaline hunt. Fall is the preferred time because it coincides with the Sitka Blacktail rut and if all the cards fall right, a guy could get both trophies and feel like he’d soloed K2.

Mountain Goats in Utah

mountain goat

If I don’t win the lottery, my second pick would easily be a trip to Utah to hunt mountain goat. This one could still set you back about $15,000. Arguably the toughest place to hunt in North America, the Wasatch Mountains are a sight to behold. Plan on a 4-to-6 hour hike, so fitness is a must. There’s nothing as exciting as seeing the huge white goats precariously perched on rocky cliffs. These critters are amazingly agile though and hunting them will test all of your skills. The later you go the better chance you have of getting one with a full white coat. Unfortunately, getting a tag is not easy unless you have a lot of preference points, but if you do the odds of getting a trophy are very good.

Moose in Washington


Moose are known for their aggressive behavior and their massive size. I have a picture from the 50’s of my four uncles beside a monster bull hanging from the bucket of an old tractor. I’ve never seen a bigger creature. Washington’s Selkirk range is probably your best bet if you want to get a good bull. Aside from their stunning beauty, the Selkirks won’t beat you up like many other mountain ranges. A 250 plus yard shot is not uncommon in that area so you won’t have to work quite as hard. The best perk of all is the cost which is usually under $3,000. That’s a great deal if you want to get a shot at a 50” bull.

Antelope in Wyoming


antelope american

The sheer majestic beauty and unusual coat make the antelope a trophy for any hunter, and they’re great tasting. But antelope hunting is not easy. You can go out to the Cowboy State (Wyoming) and find plenty of public land to locate the plentiful species. You generally don’t have to worry about being a triathlete to hunt pronghorn and it’s not like hauling out a moose when you shoot one. In Wyoming, you find a nice shady bluff, glass until you see a shooter and let it rip. Chances are you have a nice flat walk out to your kill. I think I could get used to that kind of hunting.