Manly Wild Game Appetizers for the Super Bowl

If you’re a lucky hunter or angler with a full freezer, now is the time to bust out the meat and cook up some crowd-pleasing appetizers for the big game. 

Here are some recipes guaranteed to impress your outdoor buddies, cooked up by organizations that know what’s up when it comes to the outdoors.


Prosciutto Wrapped Grilled Duck Bites with Mango and Jalapeno

Tasty and tangy, the light prosciutto ham won’t smother the duck taste like bacon does.  For a spicier version, Ducks Unlimited recommends their Blood Mary Marinade recipe.

Antelope Parsnip Stuffed Mushrooms

The subtle sweetness of mashed parsnips mixed with ground antelope and sausage. This recipe from Nevada Foodies is for 24 mushrooms, but you better double it because they will go fast.  It’s also worth taking a look at the Foodie’s Mini-Mexican Elk Sliders.

Alaska Taco Sushi Bites 

You’re going upper end with these bite size snacks. This recipe from  Alaska Seafood Institute is based on smoked salmon, not raw fish — a good opportunity for salmon and steelhead fishermen to put their smoked catch to use. Also recommended for halibut and crab.

Venison Meatballs 

If you’re expecting a big crowd, this RealTree recipe is good for up to 20 pounds of meatballs. Also works for elk, antelope, chupacabra . . . whatever you might have on hand. 

Devil Doves

Yummy dove breasts baked with bacon – the NRA calls them Devil Doves because they’re addictive, not because they’re evil. Serve on a toothpick to the fans.

Best Jerky Ever

Jerky is a snack stand-by, and Gun Digest claims this is the best recipe ever.  Compare it to your personal favorite. A bowl of jerky is always a crowd pleaser, and you can make a ton of it and store what’s left for later.

Alligator Gumbo

Okay, not a lot of us have alligator in the freezer.  But for those who do, what better attention getter for the big game spread?  This recipe is from the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “How to cook and eat alligator,” for those who have always wondered.

Buffalo Balls 

No, these aren’t Rocky Mountain Oysters, but that doesn’t mean they won’t provide interesting conversation at half time. Here’s a recipe for asian spiced bison meatballs from the Bear Mountain Bison ranch.