Product Review: Gerber Short Stack Multi-Tool

It seems as though Gerber has listened to their customer base with the release of some of their latest products including the Gerber Short Stack

This 2.8 ounce metal-constructed multi-tool transforms into just about anything you could ever need a tool to do at the gun range. But even better, it folds up so small that you can fit it right into the grip of your AR or AK.

One of my favorite things about it, is that it has a front sight post tool that easily adjusts the height of the post. I wish I had this thing when I was in the Military so I could make adjustments for accuracy on the fly, instead of using one of the hundreds of green-tipped rounds of ammo we were issued.

Another of my favorite uses for the Gerber Short Stack is a buffer wrench, which is perfect for me because I’m always testing firearms at the range. Sometimes, an arm brace needs to come off so I can put a sling loop on. It’s so much easier to have a tool already out on the range to help make the swap a breeze.

There are also several other tools to include: A couple different sized drivers, wrenches of varying sizes, scrapers, and hex bits. While I’m not sure I’d use everything it offers to do everything it is supposed to do, I’m pretty sure I can make use of each part of it, at some point while in the field. Finally, the pieces are magnetic so they don’t come apart easily. This makes it nearly impossible to loose any of the pieces.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the quality of this tool, and I can see it coming to the range with me every time I go. In all honesty, Gerber hit a home run with this one.

MSRP $54

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