Win a Dream Hunting Tag in Nevada

Even if you didn’t draw a hunting tag this year for that coveted big game animal you’ve had your heart set on your entire life, that doesn’t mean your chances of drawing a dream hunting tag are over.

In states such as Nevada, wildlife officials offer what’s known as a Dream Tag  Program where sportsmen can enter for a chance at a hunting tag through a random drawing.

Similar to normal state raffle rags and “hunt of a lifetime” tags, the dream tag relies on a random drawing, however to enter is inexpensive and does not rely on bonus points. 

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In Nevada, all that’s required is a $10 Resource Enhancement Stamp and you can then buy a $5 raffle ticket for each species. And you do not need to be a Nevada resident, so best case scenario you can hunt a bighorn sheep, mule deer, rocky mountain elk or pronghorn antelope as an out-of-state resident for as little as $15.

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