Whether you enjoy it or not, cleaning your firearms after each use is absolutely necessary for the preservation and maintenance of the gun.

Cleaning your guns is generally a fairly enjoyable task, but when you shoot frequently it can begin to seem a bit tedious to make sure each firearm is clean and properly lubricated.

Luckily, Swab-Its Firearm Cleaning Products has recently come-out with some products that are incredibly innovative and practical for a quick and easy cleaning of any gun.

I got the chance to try several new Swab-Its products, including their Bore-whip, Bore-tips, and Gun-tips. I was very pleased by their products for several reasons – they are extremely quick, clean, and easy to use, and they are also able to be washed and reused.



The Bore-whip is basically a one-piece plastic cleaning rod, with a foam tip. It’s very durable because it has such a simple construction. The long plastic whip can be bent and twisted and will still not break. It can be articulated through the barrel or chamber of a gun, and can be used over and over again. Like all the other products made by Swab-Its, the tips are washable, and fit the bore perfectly. The foam tip is able to cover the entire inside of the bore evenly. It cleans in a way that the traditional cotton patches just wont match. Another aspect of these foam tips is that they don’t leave the fuzzy residue that cotton does.



Bore-tips are my favorite piece of cleaning equipment by Swab-Its. They are screw-in tips for use with pretty much any standard cleaning rod. This way, I can use my Bore-tips with the same cleaning kit I have been using for years. Once again, like all their other products,the foam tips are great. As opposed to having a plastic base, these are polypropylene, giving each Bore-tip a very strong construction, rigid threads, and the ability to be disposed. These are great to just throw in my pack along with my backcountry cleaning kit. They give my bore a quick and complete clean with a single pass through the barrel – sometimes that is all I need after a long day in the brush. The peace of mind of a clean bore goes a long way with me.



There are a lot more parts to a gun than just a barrel. In fact, if a bore is cleaned too frequently, then there’s a chance to foul the barrel. However, there are many other parts of a firearm that need to be cleaned and lubricated often. That’s why Gun-tips are Swab-Its’ answer to cotton swabs. Gun-tips are unique because not a ton of companies even make something like this. They are an array of foam swabs of all shapes, sizes, and lengths. I could see these being most useful for use of a semi-automatic gun, or just a gun with multiple moving parts. I cannot really see myself bringing more than one or two small Gun-tips on a trip, but I definitely like having them in my gun cleaning arsenal. They are best for getting into tight spots on an action or receiver of a gun. When cotton swabs would get caught and torn up on sharp corners, these things are extremely clean and allow the user to be very precise.


When I first saw these products, I was in fear of another company that uses tons of plastics and foams in a disposable cleaning kit. I did not expect these products to be 100 percent reusable and washable.

The construction of these products are rugged enough for just about any trip, and they are extremely light as well. My only concern is for folks who buy tons of these and then end up using it like they would a disposable kit. That would just add to the plastic problem that our world is currently experiencing.

If Swab-Its made all of their products in a form that minimizes the use of plastic or oil-based construction, then I think they’d have the perfect product line on their hands. But until then, they do have a pretty incredible idea with these cleaning tools. The idea of a completely washable and reusable foam tip that fits your bore perfectly is great, and I really enjoyed using all of these products.