5 of the Best Broadheads for Hunting Big Game

Any bowhunter knows the utmost importance of having a lethal broadhead on the end of their arrow. It can make the difference between a quick kill, a mile-long blood trail or a lost animal. Deciding on the perfect broadhead can be tough for any hunter, but it can be especially difficult for someone who has yet to shoot an animal with a bow.

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I’ve been through the motions with many different broadheads – expandables not expanding, broadheads not penetrating due to bad design or dull blades, and of-course broadheads that don’t fly true, causing inaccuracy and inconsistency. Here are five broadheads that have proven themselves in the field. Each one carries a reputation of accuracy and lethal cutting power. Some are new designs and some have held the test of time. Regardless, these are excellent broadheads that should never be overlooked when hunting big game animals.

slick trick

Slick Tricks are just about my favorite broadheads of all time. Four blades make for extremely lethal and effective damage to the animal. Not to mention their razor-sharp replaceable blades tear through game with devastation, leaving a gaping hole and a sizable blood trail. These things are rockets. Several models of Slick Trick have come about, each having a design based off the original. Along with a deadly impact, their short structure, consistent weight, and stable flight gives these broadheads incredible flight and accuracy. They fly just like field-points.

rage hypodermic

Rage broadheads are known for their true flight and wide cutting diameters. The Rage Hypodermics have become the bench-mark for two-blade expandable broadheads. They leave an insanely large hole of an inch and a half. The point and edges of the broadhead are so sleek that the cuts are as clean and precise as a surgeon’s scalpel. The broadhead is sturdy before expansion due to the unique design of Rage’s expandables. This rear-opening design also allows for a very efficient expanding procedure, which makes for a minimal loss of kinetic energy.

new archery products thunderheads

The New Archery Thunderhead is a perfect example of a timeless broadhead. It’s been in use for many years and continues to be used by those who understand how deadly these things are. In a world where broadhead designs become more advanced by the day, the time-tested thunderhead competes with the expanding market. New Archery has even made slight changes to the Thunderhead, in an effort to perfect it’s design and lethal abilities. This thing really packs a punch. It also causes tons of damage due to its three large blades.

g5 montec

The Montec, made by G5 Archery, bares a reputation to be extremely robust and lethal. It is a very simple three-blade broadhead, resembling the structure of old-school broadheads used in traditional bow hunting. What is awesome about this head is that is can be resharpened very easily – G5 even makes a sharpener specifically for the Montec. This construction also allows it to be very thick and sturdy – no thin blades that are going to bend or become jagged and unusable.

solid broadhead company legend series

Fairly new to the scene, the Solid Broadhead Company builds a broadhead made by hunters and for hunters. The Solid Broadhead legend is an extremely wide two-blade design, with two small bleeder blades that cause additional damage. The curved blades and unique design bring something to the table that is rarely seen in many broadheads. It even comes in a variety of weights, from 100 grain, all the way up to the Legend Dangerous-Game 175 grain. These things are extremely cool and have quickly created a deadly reputation for themselves.