5 Best Places to Shoot a Gun in America

The United States is known as the most gun-loving nation in the world, and that means there are countless amazing gun ranges to indulge your shooting fantasies in a responsible manner.

As there are truly a lot of 5-star ranges in this great nation it’s really difficult to select the best places to shoot a gun, but you can’t go wrong with these 5 state-of-the-art facilities.

Great Guns Sporting


People at the Great Guns Sporting in Nunn, Colorado are all about making you a better shot and improving your hunting skills. What started as a 10-station sporting clays course 20 years ago is now an all-inclusive complex with trap fields, two skeet fields, a five-stand layout, archery, rifle and pistol ranges. You can also go pheasant and chukar hunting here. The target presentations simulate actual hunting to make you a better shot, and with a moderate price of $15 this place should be checked out by anyone living in or passing through Colorado.

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Battlefield Vegas


This gun range might appear too touristy for most of the hardcore gun enthusiasts, but we assure you that visiting Battlefield Vegas is an unforgettable experience. First of all, you have the option to be picked up at your Vegas hotel by a military Humvee, and when you get to the spot you’ll want to move there as Battlefield feels like an adult man’s playground, if you love war that is. You have options of choosing between different weapons packages, like Seal Team Six Experience and D-Day Experience. If firing an M1 Garand is too bland for you, you can send a mini-gun spinning or even crush a car with a tank!

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Elm Fork Shooting Sports


Everything’s bigger in Texas indeed, so it’s no wonder that the Elm Fork Shooting Sports in Dallas presents itself as a ‘467-acre amusement park for firearms enthusiasts. Kids have their Disneyland, and gun lovers have Elm Fork, a massive and conveniently placed range with two sporting clay courses, five station dove course, 100-yard rifle range, private tactical bay, and so much more. No reservations are required, and the facility offers a variety of events like team buildings and fundraisers, while it offers free coaching on weekends for beginners and those just looking to learn more.

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The Silver Eagle Group


Entering the Silver Eagle Group in Ashburn, Virginia you will feel like a top level government recruit going through spy training, and fittingly, this gun range has the largest indoor scenario area available in the private sector. It includes a multi-level 22,000 square feet scenario house, two story townhouse, and a vehicle bay. It’s like playing a video game in real life, so it will be alluring even to those who don’t like hunting that much. For people who are looking for some regular shooting experience, the complex offers three modern indoor shooting ranges, each with 10 shooting lanes fit for up to three shooters each.

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Athena Gun Club


Of course, Texas has two representatives on its list, and while Elm Fork is an outdoors heaven, Athena Gun Club in Houston is in the top tier of indoors shooting ranges. The whole building has a high end feel to it, almost like an NBA club owner’s lounge, and the aura of professionalism is seen in every part of this well-oiled machinery. Not only can you purchase and shoot guns, but you can clean them here, and a gunsmith is always present during normal range hours. The variety of firearms is almost unparalleled, the range has an NSSF five star rating, and Athena even has virtual training simulators.

What are the best places to shoot a gun in your area and what makes them special?

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