Larry Weishuhn’s Top 3 Tips for Deer Hunters

Few sportsmen have introduced more people to hunting then Larry Weishuhn. Widely recognized as a personality on countless hunting shows and a renowned author, Weishuhn currently hosts the Dallas Safari Club’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon on Sportsmen Channel.

Weishuhn is the author of an award winning book of the same name and hundreds of articles not to mention bagged an even greater number of whitetail deer over the years, earning him the nickname Mr. Whitetail. He spoke with LiveOutdoors recently between hunts in Texas and offered his top three tips for deer hunters.

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Do your homework

Whenever striking out to a new location, it’s important to learn as much about the habitat and the animals in the area as possible, Weishuhn said. You want to know their food habits and anything else you can glean. If you can, speak to someone who knows the area and has hunted it before.

Know your equipment

Before you head out for any hunter, you always want to be fully acquainted with your equipment such as a rifle, shotgun or bow. Always know the capabilities of your equipment and your own capabilities with using it and then stay within those parameters, advises Weishuhn.

Don’t look for excuses

Speaking from someone who hunts nearly 280 days per year, Weishuhn does not easily make excuses not to hunt and he says neither should you. A lot of people will look for a reason not to hunt. It’s too cold, the wind’s blowing too hard, it’s too cold, raining or snowing. You name it.

“To me if you have that opportunity to go hunt, get out there,” he said. “Maybe it’s a time when most of the animals are not moving, but maybe that one individual animal that you want to take, maybe he likes it. Animals are no different than people. They have likes and dislikes. If you look at the average, the average deer will do this. Well the average is based on extremes. If you have that opportunity, don’t look for excuses.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy Larry Weishuhn