4 Animals You Can Hunt in the Summertime

The summertime often means downtime for the hunter, time to inflate the above ground swimming pool and take it easy. But if you are among the ambitious lot, and you know I am, you’ll be looking for something you can hunt in the summertime.

For those hunters that don’t ever need any rest, here are four animals you can put between the cross-hairs even during the off season and have a great time doing it.


There are many myths that warn against eating game meat during the summer, but I can tell you from years enjoying more than my fair share of squirrel meat, there is no different between a tree squirrel caught during the winter versus the summer. Sure there are potentially larvae under its skin, but you’ll be able to locate those by the site of a boil, and you can easily remove it. Squirrel is a small game animal typically in season for hunting during the summer months and they are a lot of fun to shoot.


In most parts of the country you can typically count on rabbit or hare being in season at some point during the summer months. Rabbits make a great meal over the fire and they require some pre-thought in order to catch them. A good rabbit hunter studies the area looking for sign or watching the animal’s behavior taking note of their paths of travel. Setting a series of snares is a good method for catching rabbit, or just go ahead and shoot ’em with a .22.


Wild hogs are one animal you can hunt pretty much year round on account of there being just way too many of them. Hog hunting in Florida and other parts of the south can be extremely rewarding, resulting in some delicious meat. No matter the season, wild hog still tastes just as good. While they might seem like an easy animal to hunt given their abundance and distinctive noises, hogs tend to disappear when you’re looking for them most. Following their tracks back to their dens is key to success on this hunt.


Hunting during the summer also opens the door to predator species such as coyotes. Often viewed as a nuisance species, in many parts of the country hunters have the ability to take aim at a coyote year round. Some hunters don’t like the idea of hunting coyotes during the summer because that’s when they are raising their pups. It’s a good idea to check with your local fish and game office to find out exactly when baby coyotes can fend for themselves.