Rain from window

Planning Summer Trips

Rain from windowAs I write this, the worst storm to hit Northern California so far this year is seriously mucking up our front yard. While I long for sunny days and t-shirt weather, I have no desire to go outside, let alone ride in this wet, windy weather. I just want to sit by the fireplace and drink cocoa.

I know that people across the United States are suffering through the same set of winter blues. As Spring draws near, we are tempted with short stretches of beautiful days, followed by a week of rain, snow, sleet or otherwise unpleasant motorsport adventure weather. This, my friends, is the time of year that the dreaded “cabin fever” really starts to set in.

However, there may be a remedy. As winter weather pelts your neck of the woods, take this time to gather your family or friends and begin planning trips to put your motorsports vessel of choice back in gear once the warm weather arrives…For good. Regardless of whether you’ve got an ATV, four wheel drive rig, or power boat sitting in the garage, there’s plenty of trip planning that can be done from the comfort of your recliner.

Grab a deal

Winter is a notoriously slow season for tour companies. If you’re looking to take a guided tour, or participate in a guide-led ATV ride, now is a great time to book. With business at a near halt, many tour operators and guides will offer off-season booking discounts to help pad their winter pockets. Take advantages of discounts and book before the rush of Spring thrill seekers.

Secure a spot

Some of the best camping spots surrounding popular (and not-so-popular) lakes can book up months, or years, in advance. Take the time now to do some internet research on new reservoirs and old favorite hang outs to decide where you’ll be dropping the boat this season. Don’t hesitate to call camp operators and make reservations now for Labor Day weekend. Come May, those prime camping spots will be all booked up.

Plan a “Dream Trip”

Every motorsports enthusiast has a spot that they dream of visiting. Perhaps you’re longing for a week in Moab with your rig, or a few days on Lake Tahoe with the boat. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can use boring winter evenings to browse accommodations, trails and treks in far off places. A little fantasy never hurt anybody and now is a great time to plan a dream trip, even if it’s a few years out of reach.

After you’re all out of excuses to piddle around the garage, don’t hesitate to sit down with the laptop and get planning for brighter days. It’s a fun way to fuel adventure when Mother Nature has relegated you to the indoors. Now if you’ll excuse me, my cocoa cup is empty and I have to go unclog a gutter.