Tow mirror

Tow Rig Upgrades

Tow mirrorRegardless of your motorized addiction; be it ATV’s, boats, snowmobiles or built-up trail rigs, it seems that sooner or later you’ll need to tow a trailer. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t blessed with a trail system or bass lake right outside the back door. Thus, we rely on our pickups and SUV’s to help us haul our toys out of the garage and into the great outdoors.

Depending on the type of vehicle that you drive, little to no modifications may be necessary in order to safely and reliably tow your toys. However, who doesn’t want a little extra horsepower, better fuel economy and a smoother ride? Fortunately, today’s aftermarket manufacturers have come up with a whole slew of parts that will make towing less painful for both you and your rig.

Chips, Tuners & Programmers

Additional horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency can be found for both gas and diesel vehicles with the addition of a programmer. Designed to communicate with and re-calibrate aspects of your vehicle’s fueling and timing via the electronic control unit, programmers are easily installed and well worth the investment for most owners. The best part is that many programmers come with a specific tow mode, that’ll help you get where you’re going with a little more “oomph.”

Air Bag Suspension

Everybody notices that saggy look of a truck that’s carrying a heavy load. Unfortunately, a squatting rear end can also lead to a bumpy ride as your vehicle’s suspension is compressed to the max. The installation of air bags, also referred to as air springs, allow you to adjust the firmness of the springs by inflating or deflating the air bag. The end result is plenty of ability to hold a heavy load and a far superior ride quality.

Air Filters & Exhaust

Aftermarket air filters and a larger exhaust system can help provide additional air flow to your tow rig’s motor, providing for more efficient fuel consumption. Just be sure to route those loud exhaust pipes so they won’t echo against your trailer while towing.

Tow Mirrors

If there’s one simple investment that every driver who tows should invest in; it’s towing mirrors. Although you could get by hauling something as large as a fifth wheel trailer with standard size mirrors, backing up is a bear and passing on the highway is downright dangerous. Adjustable tow mirrors allow your tow rig to keep a low profile look during normal operations, and extend out for crystal clear visibility while towing.

Whether you’re hauling a small ATV trailer, or being followed by a fifth wheel, there are plenty of affordable, worthwhile options to improve your tow rig’s performance. And it’s a  great excuse to upgrade the performance of your rig while it’s not towing, too!