Getting Snow

Waiting on Snow

Getting SnowHere in California, we have had an unseasonably warm winter. In place of white snow drifts blocking mountain roads, dry dirt has dominated the landscape. While I’m not complaining about saving wood for the fireplace, snowmobilers are beginning to wonder if their machines will make it out of the garage this season.

While most people will simply sit around and wait for the snow, there’s no harm in being proactive, so I took the liberty of polling some buddies and scouring the world -wide web to bring you some of the most effective superstitions that will bring snow. Note that none of these have been tested, nor endorsed by us, we’re simply here to spread ideas.

1. The Snow Dance: The exact moves vary widely based on your dancing abilities and the amount of snow you’d like to bring. Perhaps rooted in Native American traditions related to the “Rain Dance,” the “Snow Dance” is typically expected to yield results within 24 hours. If not, you’ll probably need to dance again.

2. Sleep With a Spoon Under Your Pillow: There’s no doubt that somebody fell asleep after a drunken Ben & Jerry’s binge, woke up to snow, and gave credit to the spoon. It might work, or you might just run out of utensils.

3. Ice in the Toilet: Some folks suggest simply creating a bowl of ice water in the toilet by dumping in a handful of cubes, while others insist that you must flush a specific amount of ice cubes. Try both. See what happens.

4. Inside Out Pajamas: If you’re in need of quick results, there are thousands of school kids who will tell you that wearing your PJ’s inside out is sure to produce enough snow to cancel school the next day. If you’re lucky, your boss will also close shop and you can take your sled to the trails.

5. Enlist the Help of the Freezer: Snow superstitions centered around the freezer stretch far and wide. Some suggest simply yelling into the freezer. Others say to stick your wallet in there. Or perhaps keep your car keys chilly in the ice box. I say it can’t hurt to try all three.

6. Pray: When all else fails, beg the Good Lord, Mother Nature, or whoever else you believe controls the weather to bring on a little bit of the white stuff.

With the help of a few superstitious activities, and the cooperation of your local weatherman, you’ll be riding the trails and complaining about cold fingers in no time. So get to it, Summer’s coming fast!