Holiday Gift Ideas for Dirt Heads

dirt giftWhen it comes to Christmas gifts, everyone wants to give a gift with a personal touch. For off-road enthusiasts, finding that perfect present can be easier than you think. Riding takes some basic gear, and if that’s already covered, there’s not a rider in the world who doesn’t want accessories for their rig – be it an ATV, UTV, snowmobile or fully built Jeep buggy.

If you or the jolly old fat man are in search of a great off-road gift, here’s a few ideas that we think would fit quite nicely under the tree:

Helmets: After a few years, everyone wants a new helmet. You can only do so much to remove hundreds of miles worth of dust, mud and sweat before it’s time to replace the noggin protector. With so many different styles of off road helmets available, be sure to know your recipient’s taste – as well as just how big their head is. If you have any questions, check their old helmet or opt for a gift card to ensure perfect fit.

Goggles: As a wearer of contact lenses, I wear my goggles if I so much as ride from our tent to a private spot in the woods to pee. That means the elastic gets stretched and the face seal gets worn out after no more than a season or two. And it never hurts have two pairs in case you happen to leave one on top of your roll cage and take off into the dunes at 30 MPH. Not that I’ve ever done that. Look for goggles with interchangeable lenses to adapt to different riding conditions and a comfortable fit around the face.

Viewing Material: There are very few locales where riding year round is a possibility, regardless of your choice of toy. If you ride a sled, you’re yearning for snow, or if you’re an ATV addict you’re counting the days to warmer riding weather. Regardless, a good dose of watching other people ride can be a quick cure for off road cabin fever. With a number of DVD’s out there with highlights of riding competitions, or classic documentaries like Dust to Glory, an off road movie  makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

Park Passes: For riders who frequent OHV parks, an annual pass is a great way to kick off the new year. In many states you can buy a year-round pass for about $50 that allows access to all State OHV parks. In California, for example, passes are sold through the State Parks department, however, the seller will vary by jurisdiction based on who operates your State or local OHV parks.

Or, if you want to go big, there are plenty of holiday offers on off-road rides from all of the major manufacturers. Because nothing says you were a good boy or girl like a new way to roll off road.

No matter what Santa brings you this year, we hope you find some time to get out there and enjoy the season with those you love!