Best Snowmobiling in the USA, Part Two

Top-quality groomed trails, breathtaking scenery, plenty of seasonal snow…just some of the criteria America’s Best and Top Ten used in selecting their picks for “Best Snowmobiling in the USA” and releasing their choices on-line.  With the season rapidly approaching, consider these destinations for your next great winter snowmobiling adventure!

Northern Maine

Interested in an extreme winter experience? Then this is your destination! Northern Maine is known for severe winter conditions, but dressed appropriately riders will enjoy 1,600 miles of trails over large rolling hills bordered by snow-frosted stands of spruce maple and birch trees. Local snowmobiling clubs use the latest snow-grooming equipment to keep the trails clear and well-marked, so riders can gaze at wonderful landscapes and experience sites that once had heavy glacial activity, including the distinctive Somes Sound and Bubble Rock areas.

Petersville, Alaska

mammoth lakesIt’s no surprise to find Alaska among this top 10, but riders may be unaware of the moderate winter temperatures that make their snowmobiling experience here so pleasant. The trails are well-marked and include some challenging mountain riding options. The iconic mountains here – Mount McKinley/Denali, Mount Foraker, and Mount Hunter stand out as the largest peaks in the Alaskan range and provide a truly breathtaking backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime experience combining stunning scenery, sneak peeks at an abundance of wildlife, and an opportunity for adventure. Plenty of guides are available to lead you safely on your Alaskan snowmobiling exploration.

Mammoth Lakes, California

There are 80 miles of groomed trails winding through 75,000 acres of open space at Mammoth Lakes, where points of interest including the Inyo Craters and Lookout Mountain add to the scenic views. With an elevation of nearly 7900 feet, the area boasts some of the heaviest annual snowfall in the western United States and offers an endless horizon of untracked snow set amidst mountain scenery and forests alive with visible wildlife.

Seeley Lake, Montana

One of the most active snowmobiling clubs in America – the Seeley Lake Driftriders Club – maintains 300 miles of groomed trails, with offerings for every level of experience from beginner to expert. Enjoy spectacular scenery in the 10-mile-wide Seeley Swan Valley cupped in the Mission Mountains, or take a ride on the wild side on the Swan Front, bordered by the Bob Marshall Wilderness area.  The area is known not only for the great riding, but for the warm hospitality at night with the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts.

Grand Lake, Colorado

Home to the largest snowmobile trail system in Colorado, Grand Lake is convenient to get to – just 100 miles from the state capital in Denver.  Over 150+ miles of trails lead riders through mountain scenery with dozens of lakes and rivers, and abundant opportunities to site wildlife along the way. SnoWest Riders call Grand Lake a hidden gem of snowmobiling and rate it among the best for the variety of trails designed to challenge and delight riders of all abilities.