Rent a Snowmobile to Test-Drive the Sport

hSnowmobiling is the ideal sport to enjoy this winter with family and friends. Most people are hooked after their first ride, but if you’ve never tried it, renting is a great way to find out if this is the right outdoor recreation for you! Renting before you buy is a low-commitment, economical way to establish your comfort level and discover just how simple – and how much pure fun – operating the sled really is.

Many ski resorts all across North America offer snowmobile rentals, along with the essential gear you’ll need before you hit the trails, including goggles and helmets. Resorts have realized just how popular snowmobiling is, and they are eager to aid in the initiation of those new to the sport. Rental prices vary depending on location and duration. It’s no surprise resorts want in on the snowmobiling market; according to the International Snowmobilers Manufacturing Association, a full 50% of all adults in North America would like to go snowmobiling. Among the groups surveyed, most showed a very strong desire to try the sport, rating it a 9 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest interest.

Not sure where to rent a snowmobile in your area? The website, has a convenient searchable database for rental locations in the United States and Canada. Consumers can go there and narrow their search by state or province. While you’re there, you can also get information on dealers, tips on getting started, and plenty of help finding appropriate trails to ride near you.

Every snow state and province has a snowmobile association that can give you additional information, or help put you in touch with a nearby snowmobiling club. These clubs normally maintain the trail system in their area, and are often involved in civic and charitable endeavors in their communities. Snowmobile clubs welcome new members and are a great resource for those looking to learn about the sport, frequently holding “learn to ride” clinics and generous with valuable tips on where to rent, buy, and ride.