Free Avalanche Awareness Courses

avalancheThere’s still time to get in on free avalanche awareness courses hosted by Ski-Doo that are being held for riders in the mountain west area. Before you head into the high country, it’s a great idea to get some safety training. These seminars are normally combined with an open house or a special mountain riding event, and those who want to attend can register with a Ski-Doo dealer.

Seminars are free because the Ski-Doo dealers strongly believe in their value, and they are open to everyone, regardless of the brand of sled you operate. In most cases, this kind of seminar would cost the snowmobiler $50 or more to attend. A complete list of events can be found on the website.

These seminars have been very popular with the mountain snowmobiling community, and are updated with new content this year. Taught by instructors with mountain riding backgrounds, the courses are geared to be engaging while furthering attendee’s skills and knowledge.

The Canadian seminars are led by Jeremy Hanke, a recognized avalanche professional and member of the CAC advisory board. Jeremy is one of the creators of Throttle Decisions, an avalanche safety awareness video. He is an AS2 certified instructor.

Leading the classes in the United States is Mike Duffy of Avalanche 1, a recognized snowmobile expert in avalanche awareness. Mike teaches at Colorado Mountain College and Silverton Avalanche School, and has been giving snowmobile-specific avalanche classes since 1996. He holds American Avalanche Association Level I and II, along with Av-Pro Level III certification, and has 25 years of mountain riding and rescue experience.

For up-to-date information on times and locations of December classes, visit, or check out the Ski-Doo Elevation Mountain Blog.