Bright is Right in Snowmobile Helmets

helmetIt’s a fact: people who work in the snowmobile industry choose their helmets for safety and protection, and the majority of them choose them in a color called “blaze orange.” It’s a color we often see used to warn of danger – traffic cones and safety vests are usually in this attention-getting hue. There’s a practical reason why snowmobile racers are required to have 144 inches of international orange on their race helmets. It’s so they are clearly visible to the other racers.

It’s easier to see a bright orange helmet through snow dust and fog, whether you’re on the trail, in open country, or making a mountain climb. And visibility is the key to protecting a rider from being struck by another sled, and makes it far easier for followers to see you go down the path when you take your turn as the leader of the pack!

Sure, you want a helmet that offers great protection and fits comfortably, but opting for the bright orange can add an extra layer of protection on those foggy, low-visibility days. The most common color choices for snowmobile helmets are white, gray and black – all of which blend very easily into a winter landscape. The worst option for visibility is black matte.

Colored helmets don’t cost more, and could literally save you from a run-in with another sled. Sporting goods stores and many big-box retailers have good prices and various options. The AFX FX90S snowmobile helmet in blaze orange retails for $130 at Walmart, or an easy online search will help you find the right and bright protection to add to your gear this season.