Getaway to Busco Beach ATV Park and Campground

Spanning 2000 acres on an island off the coast of North Carolina, Busco Beach ATV Park and Campground offers everything riders want in an ATV recreational get-away destination.

Enthusiasts rate this as one of the premier riding areas on the east coast with good reason. Miles of open trails are ideal for taking a leisurely pace if you just want to cruise, and there are pine grove and oak woods sections with hard-packed trails featuring open areas with exciting challenges including jumps, berms, hill climbs and plenty of water.

The area is dotted with lakes, with the largest providing an opportunity for jet skiing and camping along its banks. It also offers both RV hookups and primitive camping sites. Busco Beach also has a huge motocross track and a particular driver favorite, a drag strip.

Road rules are few here, aside from normal safety and courtesy to others using the area. Riders can venture wherever they choose, and even cut their own trails – an endeavor best left to those with some experience and expertise as there are swampy areas with hidden holes that can be tricky to navigate. Want to play dirty? The many mud bogs are a big draw, and riders often challenge one another to go farther and deeper in impromptu contests of skill and daring.

The park is an affordable getaway that offers day passes or yearly memberships. Some of the amenities include a general store that sells camping fare, gas, and supplies, and there is an on-site mechanic most days to help you if your ride gives any trouble. Busco also has ATV rentals available. There’s a spacious and clean bath house, a washing station where you can wash the day’s mud and grime off of your ride, and a concert stage for those weekends when the park has live entertainment.

The “Busco Beach Patrol” continuously cruises the area, offering old-fashioned southern hospitality and making sure visitors are adhering to the 5 mph speed limit imposed in the camping areas. They are there to provide safety for the campers and those enjoying the fishing lakes on the property, and helpful to riders who get stuck in a mud pit or encounter other trouble along the trails. They also work diligently, as does the entire staff, to make your experience fun and to keep the park clean and welcoming for visitors.