Communicating with the Snowmobiling Community

snow siteTechnology has forever changed communications and social interaction, making the availability of news instantaneous. In the snowmobile community, manufacturers are active on the internet and on their own individual web sites, Facebook, and Twitter. The industry has embraced every opportunity to use technology to communicate with sportspeople on trail conditions, avalanche alerts, weather forecasts, road and snow conditions, meetings notices, and other information for snowmobile enthusiasts. The website for the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association,, welcomes upwards of 3.5 unique visitors every year.

Snowmobiling clubs throughout North America communicate with their members via the internet and their own online publications. They have learned to use new media to their advantage, to help them with member recruitment, fund raising efforts, and in providing general information on trails and conditions in their own areas. It’s social and participatory, exactly like the clubs themselves. Keeping in touch via a network of smart phones, clubs are able to communicate quickly with alerts on any avalanche conditions, rescue efforts, and other critical and time-sensitive issues their members need to know about.

Want specific information pertaining to the sport of snowmobiling? Thanks to the internet it is readily available. Online publications like the one you’re enjoying now,,  cover the sport and we offer information on sleds, maintenance, gear, destinations, and product reviews. The challenge we meet and accept is to make sure the information we provide is factual, timely and entertaining.

For the snowmobile community, resources are plentiful. It’s simply a matter of a quick web search for a manufacturer, destination, product, or snow conditions. You can hook up with other snow enthusiasts, share your views on the sport, buy and sell equipment, or find interesting news and information about your sport. It’s a powerful tool to use as we encourage others to take part in this great outdoor activity. And with the portable power of today’s smart phones, we can stay connected even as we enjoy the mountains and snow fields that draw us to our sport.