To light the trail, our favorite accessory is the Seizmik Light Bar, which provides a tremendous amount of illumination with minimal draw on the vehicle’s electrical system. With this great kit, you won’t even need to upgrade your battery or stator.

The Seizmik kit parts are made of powder-coated steel, with brackets of stainless steel for corrosion protection. Nuts are welded into place wherever possible to make installation easier. All hardware in the kit is in common metric sizes, and installation directions are clear and simple. The wiring layout is explained in easy terms, with wiring harness connectors color coded to simplify the match-ups. Just be careful to keep the wiring well away from any hot or moving parts.

These lights can be adjusted to shine in any direction, although Seizmik suggests the two center spotlights be pointed straight ahead with the two end lights pointed slightly to the side for more illumination on the side of the trails you’ll travel. Seizmik has put markings on the pivot track, so a quick check of the side bracket helps you align everything perfectly. Consider asking a friend to help: an extra pair of hands holding the light bar during installation makes the job go smoother and faster. When your light bar is mounted, seal the connections with silicone, including the back of the switches.

You’ll be thrilled with how well the Seizmik light bar illuminates a dark trail, and impressed with the extra level of safety it adds to your night riding adventures.

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